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Bryan Wilson
Bryan has experience working across a variety of roles in the legal tech ecosystem. He primarily works in an operations and technology role at RiskGenius, a startup that uses AI and Machine Learning to quantify insurance policy language. He is also a co-instructor for MIT’s intersession course on Computational Law. Formerly, Bryan was an Innovation Fellow with the ABA Center for Innovation and was listed as 1 of 18 Millennials Changing the Face of Legal Tech by, via Legaltech News.

Chris Brown
Chris represents startups, freelancers, and small businesses through his law firm, Venture Legal. He is also a founder of Contract Canvas, a digital contract platform for creative freelancers. You can contact him at

Nate Crosser
Nate is a third year law student at KU and a Business Analyst at the Bioscience & Technology Business Center in Lawrence, Kansas. Nate has previously interned for the Kauffman Foundation, a small venture capital fund, and has been published in a financial ethics journal as well as an investigative journalist in D.C. covering municipal tech regulations. Nate enjoys working with startups and entrepreneurs on the business side of their operations.